Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Is LINX Safe To Use As An Acid Reflux Treatment

If you are sufferring from acid reflux, you know how miserable it is. You can't sleep comfortably at night or eat the way you like it.
 The conventional ways to stop acid reflux are to use medicines and surgeries. Medicines work by diluting the stomach acid before it splashes into the esophage while surgeries aim to tighten part of the stomach around a lower esophageal muscle.

A few years ago, the FDA approves the use of LINX, a bracelet-like device to manage heartburn. It is believed that LINX can cure the digestive issues. After a recent study to show its safe use up to 5 years, doctors probably will recommend it as the first-line therapy for GERD.

The LINX device, which looks like a bracelet and is made with medical-grade titanium beads, each with a magnetic core, is about the size of a ring finger in diameter. It’s surgically tunneled into the body and clasped around the lower esophageal sphincter, where it physiologically helps the muscle open and contract before and after food is swallowed. By correcting that weak muscle, the device effectively prevents the regurgitation of stomach acid from racing up through the esophagus.

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LINX is not for everyone. Check the following criteria if you are a suitable candidate.

  1. You are not allergic to metal.
  2. You have to be above 21.
  3. You should not be pregnant.
  4. You have no history of esophageal surgery.
  5. You do not suffer from a large-hiatal hernia.

If your doctor can't perform LINX on you, you can check another quick natural remedy for heartburn here.

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